Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a home insurance claim after a major hail storm can seem daunting. If you’re like many homeowners in the greater Colorado Springs area, you have worked with storm chasers in the past, experienced long delays in the construction process, or missed out on coverage for essential repairs based on conflicting information between your insurance carrier and general contractor.

Storm Guard of Colorado Springs specializes in Claim Management, helping homeowners understand the insurance claims process. Below you will find the first few steps in filing an insurance claim.


Prior to calling your insurance carrier to file a home insurance claim, it is important to first request a home assessment from a licensed general contractor in your area.

These general contractors are easily found via the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a simple Google search or 3rd party review sites like Yelp.

An inspection by a general contractor will help you understand whether your hail damage warrants an insurance claim to begin with.


Filing a Home Insurance Claim

It is important to call the general home insurance claim line for your insurance carrier. This phone number can be found by a simple Google or Bing search for your insurance company name followed by “home insurance claim.” After following the prompts, you will be sent to a claims representative who will need basic policy information, date of loss, and a description of the damages.

Making this call with your general contractor will help you provide the most accurate and comprehensive information to the representative, ensuring your assigned Field Adjuster performs an inspection of more than just the roof of your home.

The goal of this call is to receive a claim number. Your claim number will allow you to access and manage all updates related to your claim.


Adjuster First Contact

Within 24-72 hours of filing a home insurance claim, you will receive a call from an assigned Field Adjuster looking to schedule a property inspection.

It is fundamental that you coordinate with your Colorado Springs general contractor to be present for this inspection.


Adjuster Meeting

The Adjuster Meeting is an opportunity for you, your insurance carrier and your general contractor to determine an initial scope of the hail or wind damage to your property.

Your Adjuster Meeting will result in a Statement of Loss or initial Insurance Estimate within 1-2 weeks. Although this Statement of Loss or Insurance Estimate almost always grows based on local code ordinances and additional damage uncovered during construction, an accurate Statement of Loss will help you and your contractor order materials and schedule your build more quickly.

Storm Guard helps over 250 homeowners in the Colorado Springs area navigate this process each year. Please contact us if you would like to work with a knowledgeable Storm Guard representative to help you navigate filing your insurance claim.