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Emergency Tarping

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If you have a leaking roof, broken skylight, or a broken window, Storm Guard of Colorado Springs will perform emergency tarping to limit damage to the interior of your home and until permanent repair work can be completed.

Roof Tarp

Storm Guard has rolls of material that is manufactured specifically to be used for emergency tarping. This material enables us to perform all types of emergency temporary repairs from large roof tarps to small broken skylight tarps.  Most insurance carriers require their homeowners to have these services performed to mitigate further damage and cover the cost of the service.

While it may be tempting for the DYI’er to search the internet for “how to secure a tarp on a roof,” “how to tarp a leaking roof,” or “how to tarp a tile roof” with the intent of performing the temporary roof tarp job on your own, we highly recommend against this. There is significant risk associated with any emergency tarping service and only trained professionals like those at Storm Guard should perform these types of tasks.

Skylight Tarp

If you have skylights, those are one of the most susceptible components on your roof to sustain damage when we get some of the larger size of hail stones that we may experience in the Pikes Peak region. Storm Guard uses the same tarping material to cover broken skylights as we use to tarp a leaking roof. The tarp is strong enough to maintain its integrity while waiting to replace the skylight during the roof replacement process.

Window Tarp

Whether it is from a hailstorm or a child throwing a baseball through your window, Storm Guard of Colorado Springs can install window tarp to limit further damage until the permanent repair work can be completed. In some cases, we will use the same material that we use for roof tarp; in other cases, we may use plywood because of the extent of the window damage. Like our emergency roof tarping service, your insurance carrier will typically pay the cost of emergency window tarping as part of an insurance claim.

Contact your local Storm Guard to have our emergency tarps installed.

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Emergency Tarping

Storm Guard offers emergency tarping services that have helped give homeowners the peace of mind they need until their damage is fully restored.

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