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Painters Colorado Springs

A substantial percentage of the hailstorm insurance claims completed by Storm Guard include hail damage to the exterior paint, so Storm Guard teams with some of the best painters in Colorado Springs.

Exterior Painters Colorado Springs

Fortunately, hailstorms seldom result in damage to the interior of the home, so most of our work focuses on exterior painters in Colorado Springs. As you might imagine, if a hailstorm has caused damage to the exterior paint on a home, it is typically only on the two sides of the house that were within the trajectory of the hail as it fell to the ground.  On occasion, however, the hailstorm “swirls” and hits three or even all four sides of the home.

Storm Guard works with your insurance carrier to ensure that the paint damage is included in the insurance claim. If there are portions of your house that were not damaged, we will gladly provide a retail bid to paint the additional sides of your house. If you only want us to paint the sides of the house that are included in the insurance claim, we will get paint that matches the color of the paint that will remain on the other sides of the house.

We highly recommend, and usually use, Sherwin-Williams paint for our exterior and interior painting efforts. For the exterior, we will use Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint in most applications. If your house is in an area where is gets significant exposure to the sun, we may recommend upgrading to Sherwin-Williams Emerald, which has better sun fade resistance.

If the hail damage is limited to small areas of door trim or window trim, we will likely have our handyman painter complete the work.

Stucco Repair Colorado Springs

There are times when the hail is sufficient in size that the resulting insurance claim will include stucco repair in Colorado Springs. The size of the damage will determine what type of repair we need to perform. In some cases, it may include applying a new “brown coat” (the base coat of the stucco) as well as a new “color coat” (the top layer of the stucco, which includes the desired house color). Other times, we may be able to “fog” the stucco, which results in a uniform stucco color. When stucco repair is necessary, we make sure the insurance company allows us to apply the new color from corner-to-corner of the exterior wall – we aren’t willing to perform “spot” repairs because it is nearly impossible to get an exact color match.

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